Saturday, August 9, 2008

Without fail.

The Olympics make me cry. Last night I had an Arbonne party so I watched the Opening Ceremonies today. I don't know how many of you watched it, or how many of you made it to the end but OH MY. The whole ceremony was something to behold but one of the last elements just murdered me.

If you don't recognize this photo/moment, allow me to be your Olympic corespondent. Oh, and just get ready.

Obviously, Yao Ming is carrying the flag for the Chinese Olympic team in the parade of nations, however, you may not know Lin Hao. He's a nine-year-old survivor of the huge earthquake in China in May. 20 out of his 30 classmates died in the quake. He sung songs to himself as he dug himself out of the rubble to freedom. (Cue tears...)

THEN! THEN he went back in and dug out two of his classmates, saving their lives. (Tears are now released for streaming down cheeks)

When they asked him why he went back for his classmates, he responded that it was his job, he's a class leader, he's the hall monitor so it was his responsibility. (Full-on ugly cry) I don't know about you but that just kills me. I really can't handle stories like this.

Sidenote: I've also decided to take up beach volleyball. Preferably before our Cancun trip. It's clearly the right decision.


Anonymous said...

I've already cried, too, watching the Olympics, and I hadn't even heard/seen this story you just told! Amazing. How can I raise my boys to think like that???

Also, beach volleyball. May & Walsh are incredible...good luck on your endeavor to become one of them :)

The Bishops said...

Sign me up for beach volleyball with you!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I saw this too, and I was a wreck!!! How cute can one little man be, and so brave!! The stories are always what get me during the Olympics.

Amundson Updates said...

I will be Kerri Walsh and you can be Misty May. go team