Friday, August 8, 2008

Subject: schizophrenia

I'm convinced there's more than one of me. (By the way, it took both of us to figure out how to spell that.) I've been cleaning/purging/organizing/packing the house this week in preparation for moving. ("Haven't you been moving since last fall?" you ask. yes, thanks for keeping up. Then you ask, "Is your house on the market?" to which I reply, "No, silly!") We've had 3 garage sales while at this house in the last 4 years. AND YET: I have oodles of crap. How?! I purge and purge and yet it's still hiding in every dark corner of my house.

The only explanation is that while the 'True Katie' puts things were they go, throws/gives away unnecessary items, cleans up after herself, organizes with joy, etc. there's another darker version of me who's sneaking around hiding useless items cleverly around in the most inconspicuous places. It's a craft, really. To put things into your home and then forget entirely that they exist and are taking up space. Blah.

So, in honor of the little treasures I keep leaving myself and facing the reality of downsizing before upsizing (is anyone following me?) WE'RE HAVING A YARD SALE TOMORROW! There's actually some good stuff (the aforementioned 'crap'). If you live in the STL area, swing on by between 7-12. If you don't know where we live and you're not some crazy person, email me and I'll give you our address. We'll be out on the lawn like good little mid-westerners displaying our beauty for all to see.


Amanda said...

WOW!!! make sure you don't put all the fun stuff that you bought your family in Guatemala in with your "crap" at the Yard Sale.
I wish you tons of luck with your sale!!!

The Huffs said...

You are an absolute HOOT!!! This just made me giggle because it sounds quite a bit like me (without all of the yard sales - though). I'll end up just donating or throwing it all away! :) On your early post... Is this your way of saying your considering adoption again?????


Terry said...

Been following your blog for a while and had to say today....

You're the other part of ME! I thought I had misplaced that third part somewhere. Funny that we're moving (downsizing before upsizing), just had our umpteenth yard sale last weekend and am now packing just find that I need to have another sale SOON. Where does all of this "crap" come from...says the person that gets rid of it ALL OF THE TIME??

You crack me up (and with that, I crack myself up, too).

Off to start yet another yard sale box among all of the other "stuff to keep" boxes.


the greenough's said...

How could I have missed this??? I would have LOVED to stop by to browse through your hidden treasures. Are you going to have another sale???