Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Chasing Cheerios (boxes)

Some of the mom-blogees are familiar with the blog Chasing Cheerios that I've referred to before. She posts lots of great ideas of stuff to do with your toddler. We've been trying a few of them around here!

However...I've noticed that it's key to time these projects correctly. With any toddler, I'm sure, but especially with a boy. Here's project 1:

Experimenting with states of matter with some toys to make it interesting. Another example of how older kids do this one is on this blog I just discovered. Here's what he's supposed to do:

Here's what he did after the first 30 seconds:

The block of toys was not as much fun as squirting everything in sight, including me. But, who cares, right? We had fun. He's probably learning something.

Project 2: New puzzle using common household stuff. Hence, the cheerios box joke in the title. Here's what it's supposed to look like in succession:

However, these happened backwards. Looks good, though, huh? Pictures can be very misleading. Then "Mama! Frow!" (throw) and off went the pieces of the puzzle. For the remainder of the night parts of the cheerios box were flying with zest through the house. Maybe he's doing a more individualized project with aerodynamics and such. Makes sense to me...


gracie :) said...

That's hilarious! We're not quite to this developmental stage yet, but I've loved getting ideas from Chasing Cheerios! And I agree...I think it's going to be much different with a boy than her sweet little girl. :) My little guys seems more bent on destruction than putting things together and having grown up with five brothers, this definitely confirms my personal experience. It definitely keeps life exciting, doesn't it?

Heather S. said...

We tried the ice block thing too. My girls got bored very quickly! They also squirted other things and each other. At one point Norah turned on the hose and just poured the water on it.

Melissa said...

I'm so glad you're reading my blog and trying out a few things. Thanks for letting me know! I'm adding you to my google reader :)

Amanda said...

This is hilarious!! I was totally fooled by the backwards pictures!! I'll have to check out her blog... maybe I can get some ideas to do with Flor.

I think you're right: I think he is experimenting on his own because he is a genious!!

Lance and Heather said...

okay, this is hilarious. i love reading chasing cheerios but most of the time i'm like, "yeah right, this would never work at my house (as luke attacks my computer, i've got to type fast!!) i love it that eliot has the schnucks sticker on his hand.

one time i tried a sorting activity with caleb using his colored blocks. i set out the blocks and bowls to put the matching blocks in. That didn't work at all, he had more fun throwing the blocks off the table.

oh well, sorting is for babies.