Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday Firsts

Big day for E-beast!!! It's not even naptime and we're breaking new ground! Are you ready for it...

Eliot went to the bathroom on the potty!!! He finally said yes when I asked him if he wanted to. While sitting there he said, "Puuuuuuush" and then he stood up and said, "Bye Bye Poop!" and slammed the lid shut! We celebrated and cheered and picked out a beautiful sticker and then called the Grandmas!

Then at lunch we were having 'fraber' (strawberries) and he lined all ten pieces up in a row (on the table...I guess we'll work on manners later?) and kept saying "1,2...1,2..." So, I counted all the pieces back to him. To which he replied, "one, twowa,, fo, five" He counted to five!!! I, of course, couldn't get him to do it again but that doesn't take away from the glory. The absolute glory. He's brilliant.

By the way, the Mohr's have something new and exciting happening that I"ll share next week! (no, no additions to the family at this point). But it's not quite ready to unveil so you'll have to wait!

Have a great weekend!!


Amanda said...

Hooray Eliot! Oh and the Flyin' Mayan title to your last post cracks me up every time I see it. :)

Jon said...

Could it be a possible sale of a house?

Amanda said...

I can't wait to hear!!!

I can just hear his little voice saying those numbers!! He IS brilliant!!

Lance and Heather said...

i have a love-hate relationship for surprises....i'll be checking the blog often! :)