Sunday, September 7, 2008

Plan B!

Saturday morning E and I met friends at the zoo to find out where in Forest Park to meet Curious George and Clifford. After a realization that it was the wrong weekend, we settled on a day at the zoo for plan B, which was handy since we were already there.

Couple of highlights from this particular trip:
*There's tiger cubs at our zoo right now and they're so cute!! I hadn't seen them yet so I was pretty excited. I might get one.
*I was there with two college-friends/turned real-life-friends, Lisa and Carrie. I don't get to spend much time w/ Carrie, so that was a treat but also to watch our kids all playing together was a blessing. We don't feel like all that much time has passed since those days but now we're all adult-y, still very funny, just adult-y.

Eliot 'sharing' his fence space...busted in the middle of the "That's my Giraffe!" hipcheck.

Eliot is apparently uncomfortable with a large carnivore heading toward him at a quickened pace.

Charlie's angels? They were actually really well behaved considering how crowded it was!


Jacob, Lisa and Charlie said...

are you going to make fun of me if I tell you that a hippo is actually a herbivore?

Katie Mohr said...

Thanks Lisa! I thought carnivore since I thought they eat people, however, Russ informed me that they just kill people but not for dinner.

Russ said...

Nice to see Eliot using his basketball fundamentals... use that body... box out and rebound! Don't let him get your giraffe, El! Viva El Flyin' Myan!!!!

Nikki....Gabi's Mama said...

Love the hipcheck, very subtle. And I always thought the 'first spendee' would be Gabi...a little disapointing!!