Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Not quite there yet

I'm pretty confident that I'm an adult. However there are times when I catch myself in the middle of something and question how true that really is. Our church's women's ministry starts this week so we each got a call from our group facilitator to let us know what small group to go into come Thursday.

I immediately called a friend to see if she was in my group. Upon confirmation, we got giggly. Then I got a call from another friend. She had just gotten off the phone with the facilitator and went ahead and asked who else was in the group. So, now we were both excitedly talking about what a fun group we have.

Then we all got an email from the facilitator with a few details. Instead of reading the details, like a responsible adult, I found myself scanning over the names of the other email addresses. Someone was missing. I double-checked. Yep, she wasn't on there. As excited as I was to read most of the names, I was equally disappointed that one wasn't there. But thought that at least we could have lunch together.

After reflecting over this 30 minute span of my day, I realized I might as well be 13 years old, wearing braces and writing a note with pink ink to a dreamy boy.


Amanda said...

You are too funny!!!
Can't wait to see you day after tomorrow!!!!!

Jon said...

You guys don't pick what small group you want to be in? You're placed? Hmm.....