Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Newspaper and coffee

When I was a child, I always assumed that when I was a 'grown-up' that I would read the newspaper. I always saw myself having a cup of coffee and sitting down to see what was new in the world today. Well, maybe that day is coming but at this point I have zero desire for that.

Now wait just a minute.

This week I've read about sports, politics, personal interest, travel and leisure, Hollywood news and trends, local news and weather, strongly opinionated editorial type, parenting tips and advice, even a touching obituary of a woman I don't know.

I read blogs. With a cup or two of coffee.

I think that counts.


dave.heather said...

Agreed! ~Heather

Anonymous said...

At least this doesn't turn your fingers black, then there's always the paper cuts!


Ferris Family said...

That's how I get all my news, with a pot or 2 of coffee these days!