Tuesday, September 2, 2008


At the Mohr home, we've had what a friends calls a "language explosion" with the little man. His vocab is busting out new words every day without prompting. He's stinging more of those together and yesterday he gave us his first 4 word sentence. There's at least three girls his age that we know were doing this a year ago but we're pumped!! His sentence? "Mama, help me climb." To the highest of heights, my little linguistic master. And for follow-up, we diagrammed it after I helped him climb.

Then today he and I were playing hide and seek, a favorite at the Mohr house lately, when he looked at Russ and said, "Dada, Shhh! Mama hide" as he was sneaking up on me in my hiding spot next to Russ. We tried to write down all the words he regularly speaks, including names of friends, family and characters and we hit around 200. Any language specialists want to shed some expertise into that? Average? Good? Worrisome? I think we're on track.

We're also enjoying some Spanglish as we attempt to throw Spanish in throughout the day. The best example is when he asks for "fraberr", which is Strawberry or Fresa in Spanish.

As his language increases, we're noticing more silliness than ever before. This kid is a crack-up. I'm envisioning the parent/teacher conferences already..."he's so sweet, smart and cute but he's a little bit of a clown..." Yesterday he climbed by himself into his booster chair for the first time and proudly announced to me that he climbed. To this, I responded, "Great job! Now do you know how to get down?" and he smiled and responded, "Fall."


Amanda said...

SMART KID!!! He knows what it takes to get out of his chair!!! Will you get down here already so I can see him before he gets too much bigger!!!!

Amanda said...

Did you say, "no, sweetie, that's how mommy gets out of her chair."