Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mo Mo Bayoons!

Saturday was packed full of fun in STL. The day's agenda included a trip to the farmers market, 2 walk-through peeps in our house, a hearty nap, visiting the balloon launch/race with CJ and Keri, and going to an outdoor show of FE! Here's a few pics from the fun stuff.

A headless CJ clearing the Eliot-hurdle...

Eliot running and stopping around strangers from the excitement of the balloons!

Eliot saying 'Cheese!'

The launch occured in a different part of the park but several of them had difficulties and had to land in the field we happen to park ourselves in!

Eliot and "That Girl"...(reference to FE song...)


Chrissy said...

Hey, tell Mr. E that "that girl" is already taken! That is Elijah's girl. :)

Chrissy said...

On 2nd glance....maybe that's not "that girl." Ooops! Bad future MIL.

Amanda said...

Have I mentioned how FREAKIN CUTE those jeans look on Eliot?!?!? I love the pic of the two El(le)s...too cute!!!

Virginie said...

It looks like the little girl next to Eliot was signing the word "more". Way to go Russ!