Friday, September 12, 2008

Note to self....14

When driving down the highway going 70mph and your toddler can now reach his door handle, it's a good idea to lock it.


dave.heather said...

Hi Katie and Russ!! How fun to run across your comments on the Nicaud's blog. This is Heather from our days in Antigua. You may remember I was there with my four kids and we were in the process of adopting Soleil (with the "l"). Anyway, I was so excited to find your blog and get caught up on all things "Eliot". Is he ever as cute as they make 'em!! So glad to be in touch. Can you imagine it's been almost two years since we were all headed down there? Such an amazing time. I loved the link to the Adoption Lifesavers... I mean Supervisors. Thank goodness for those guys... Alright, well, I'll be bookmarking your blog and keeping track of you guys. Do you still keep in touch with Jackie U. and the other Solei? I think of them often and would love to be in touch again. Hugs, Heather
P.S. Do you keep in touch with Tina F.? If not she just started a blog, too. Here's the link:

Heather said...


The Wagners said...

Oh no!