Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Another shameless promo...

Does this kid have some mad skills with the self-photo or what?! You would not believe the amount of weird angled shots we have (erased) from our camera of his cute little noggin. This makes me laugh so it stayed. I kind of want to make it into a canvas and hide it places around the house to scare Russ.

Speaking of Russ and a major WIFEFAIL, I neglected to mention his very-amazing-first-one-of-the-season-for-the-team HOMERUN! during the kickball game Sunday. Who married a star? This girl.

And, AND his birthday was FRIDAY! I planned a stomach bug to arrive and take over my body like some sort of alien abduction just in time for his birthday. I'm telling you, nothing is out of the question for my man. You wish you were him.

Now, onto the real topic of this very insightful post:

I spent a good ten minutes craving Thin Mints yesterday.

Why would I share that with you? Because it came about while cleaning my floor. It came about from the actual cleaning product. Nothing could have delighted me more. I may or may not have even licked the floor once.

Have you heard of Better Life yet? It's a line of cleaning products for your home that actually work and are actually safe/green/whatevs. We started using them after Eliot started pre-school because the people that started the company actually live in our neighborhood. Everyone uses this stuff around here. (peer pressure much?) Schnucks (local grocery chain) was running a sale awhile back so we stocked up and I couldn't be happier. Not only do I fit in now but my house is clean and safely clean, all equally important.

This stuff is actually legit. And they're about to be huge. And it's on sale again at Schnucks this week. And did I mention the floor cleaner smells like Thin Mints? And yes, I have actually seen one of the founders of the company spray some of the products in his mouth. Just in case you were about to ask. And no, I'm not getting any kick-back from this little promo, although if you'd like to buy some arbonne so your face is as clean as your sink, you let me know.

Oh, and they were featured on RealSimple! No bigs. Even bigger than that? They got my friend Heather to do a testimonial. We're talking epic, people.

If you're not a St. Louisian, you can buy some online. Just go to their website to find the right links. I trust you can figure it out without me.

Go forth and be green. And don't be surprised when you open a cabinet to find a huge copy of Eliot's face staring at you and me laughing behind you...


Kelli said...

I believe that Eliot comes by the self-portrait skills honestly. If I do re-call, I have had some adult members of the Mohr family over to my house, only to later find that they had taken self-portraits of themselves on my camera when I wasn't looking.

Greta said...

Thanks for this post. I am just entering the world of "green" and need all the help I can get! Just did a review of Soapnuts on my blog-gremadcha@blogspot.com. It can be so overwhelming when you start to think of all the chemicals in the stuff we use every day........