Monday, April 5, 2010

Bits of my weekend, vol.5

Some of us made the Easter Eggs, some of us ate the Easter eggs.

We did actually dip them in icing and sprinkle goodies on top to make them more Easter-y but I failed to grab a pic. Use your imagination.

My dear friend Crystal and her family were coming through town on their way to family vacation and we got to host them for Friday night! There wasn't much sleep but there was a lot of fun.

Just for kicks, here's old school mid-90s Crystal and Katie and friends. Enjoy. Embrace the overalls.

After they headed out, we jumped in the car in time for a local Easter Egg hunt. Eliot told me all week how he would see the Easter Bunny and he would say, "Good job, Eliot! Good job finding all the eggs!" And then he would high-five him. However, please notice there's no picture of said bunny and it's not because there wasn't opportunity...

Ran into the Woods fam at the Easter egg hunt in the park, please love and appreciate K showing us her candy! She's hilarious.

Instead of putting the mattress away right away, we had family movie time!

Time to color eggs! (notice there's only 3 cups? MOMMY FAIL!)

Nothing says, "He has risen" like a kittycat tattoo...

Easter morning!

Egg Hunt at Margie's House! (after an incredible Easter dinner!)

Hanging out with CJ and HeMan guy.

The DeGroots!

Eliot took over Joe's iPhone happily...

It was a pretty packed weekend, but we loved every minute! The only thing that would have made it perfect would have been to see some family family. (all these friends are like family, you know what I mean...)


Sarah W said...

nothing beats a mattress on the ground. we leave them around and the kids are entertained for hours jumping on them. we slide out guest mattress half of the bed and they slide and roll down it forever. so fun! happy Easter.

Amanda said...

I wish we could have been together too!!! All weekend I kept thinking that this time last year I was with you guys for the FIRST CITY CHURCH SERVICE!!!

Our little man knows what it's all about with the Apple Brand stuff...getting him hooked early on the iPhone!!!

erin said...

Looks like a great weekend to me. And Marlie loves a guys with tats. Especially ones of kittens.