Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bits of my weekend, vol. 6

I thought maybe a pretty picture would make everything glamorous? Aaaaand, nope.

BUT! It does show this turn into this!

St. Louis has the city sectioned off into zones and each one has a designated day to clean up their neighborhood. Our block was pretty low key but we had a great time!

Back into the alley for fun with the dumpsters!

And a hearty time-out in someone's driveway...

The Neibs!

Off to a matinee with my favorite dragon (daisy) trainer.

And training our small fuzzy dragon...

Trip to the park with the Werks!

Isn't she ridiculous?! So cute!

He's watching you...

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mrs boo radley said...

I love this post! Cool eyes.

Dayna said...

This was very, very fun to read! It looks like your family just has a blast through life. :-)

michelle from six in the city said...

Love seeing the pics of your son and dog. You can tell they have such a special relationship!