Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bits of my weekend, Vol 17

Great, great, great weekend! Topped off with blogging while watching Mr. Mom with the hubs. Love all the early 80's references! Amazing!

Saturday started with a little Woody and Buzz...

Yes, I cried.

Mohr from the SMohrs.

Oh, friends. Saturday night was un.real. Lisa, Carrie and I had 3rd row seats at the Lady Gaga concert. This is 2 of the same girls with me at this concert:

Gaga was amazing. I've always wanted to see Madonna, so this was a great alternative.

Sundays are for reading. Love it.

Taking an evening walk w/ a four yr old boy looks a little something like this:

2 minutes of pure fun right here, peeps.

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Sara said...

Hello! You don't know me, but I am a very close friend of Anna Duell's and found your blog through hers. I have to admit that I have been reading your blog (I even went back and read some old posts) and I feel very touched by your amazing story. I decided to start doing Bits of My Weekend on my own blog and credited you in my post, just so you know.


sherilee said...

Gaga would be a fun concert, I agree. Looks like you had a good weekend!

Melissa said...

I like the action shot of him about to jump in the puddle. Nice!

I've had close seats for a band I really liked and it was AWESOME. I like some of Lady Gaga's music, just not how far she pushes the envelope in her videos and live performances. Be it was a good show though.