Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Guate pic/story dump #6

Monday was a blur. A little case of "second verse, same as the first." Flights canceled, hours on the phone rescheduling for Friday, time loving on the kids at the local hospital.

Tuesday we told the team we were having a fun day but didn't tell them any details. I thought it was appropriate for this experience to spend the morning at the nut farm. Literally. The macadamia nut farm.

So, we hired a fleet of tuk-tuks and headed toward the most incredibly awkward farm tour I've ever experienced. Not sure what I was expecting but I will recommend not taking any conservative friends that could be easily offended.

The farm had a couple puppies that E was slightly obsessed with!

Then off to a different hotel/restaurant for some much needed pool time.

At this great hotel they have a great playground, so Madi and E had a fun afternoon. I think we all needed a little break.

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Gina Dankel said...

So total blog creeping here (we used to go to Greentree and was in a small group w/Lauers and Snyders in a previou life--if you're wondering how I got here). I love the picture of the feet in the pool.

PS love your blog,too. Very funny and touching all at the same time.