Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Public Service Annnouncement (s)

A: When I took Eliot to the dentist, they had a few things to say that I'd never heard. They asked if E brushes his own teeth or if we still do it. Don't you hate it when you proudly answer something and only to realize it's wrong. Apparently they don't recommend allowing your children to brush their own teeth until they're about 7, until they've mastered handwriting. They won't have the fine motor skills to accurately and effectively do it until then. She recommended letting them do it by themselves in the morning but before bed we should still be doing it for them. AND! You're supposed to brush them for 2 minutes, not 1 and they gave us a 2 minute timer. News to me.

B: This is what a reenactment of the picture on the sign would look like, according to this guy. "Look, Mommy, he's doing this!"

C: IMPORTANT(ish) FOR ALL BLOGGERS:::Not sure if you've been a reader/stalker/follower for awhile you may remember this post? If not, that's not important other than I want you to notice how many time I said "St. Louis Science Center." Then I even said, "Hi Beth!" Then "Beth" made a comment. That's because our friend works for the SLSC and part of her job is to weed through all the hits on the internet that refer to it and she actually found our blog after we posted about a trip there (we know her from church). She gets a daily report from a program and whatnot. Before realizing this, I had no idea people were paid to do this kind of thing.

The reason I bring this up is for those of you who assume no one is reading your public blog, or that's it's only family/friends. There have been 3 instances now (in my circles, at least) of some kind of drastic actions taken based on what people write on blogs, one girl got fired from her job for venting about a bad day, one girl accidentally got a girl fired after a very funny post about a bad massage, and there's another one from this week. All of these blogs wrote specific names of the places where this stuff occurred. That doesn't mean you should stop writing, just be more discreet with proper names. Even slight variations are found easily for larger companies with people/programs set up to find what's out there. Just be aware, friends, that when I write, "Target, I love you." that someone working for Target will actually read this. Even when I write T@rget, t.a.r.g.e.t, etc. They'll probably dismiss my affection, but still, it's part of someone's list today. (Hi Target employee. You look lovely today.)


Ashlee said...

Veeery interesting. It's amazing how complacent we can get with personal information, even though we're putting it out there for the world to see. Those tracking systems sound like something from the future. (Also, Hi! I don't think I've ever commented before, but I've been following you ever since you were linked on Fresh Art a few months ago.)

Kate said...

My kids love to imitate the signs they see!

Anonymous said...

2 minutes! I am lucky if I get my two year old to open her mouth for me at all. And now I hear I have to fight that battle for FIVE MORE YEARS! Good grief!
I have been warned before about those internet-name/logo-hunting people. Good reminder to watch what we say.