Monday, July 19, 2010

We missed it.

One of our favorite anniversaries. The day that ties for ABSOLUTE.FAVORITE.DAY.OF.MY.LIFE. anniversary. Two of them, actually. No, wait, three. Wow.

Event 1: Gotcha day, May 31. Cue volcano, mud slides, tropical storms, and whatnot. June 1 we realized we "missed" Gotcha Day. Awesome.

Event 2: July 5, the day we met Eliot (2006).

Event 3: July 9th, Homecoming Day. I've said it 900 times if I've said it once, a day I will never forget. There is nothing like that feeling on the planet. If you haven't watched the video or seen the pics, click here and you can navigate your way through it. It's worth a few minutes of your time.

To be honest though, I think this is a good sign. We didn't just miss it by a day or two, but well over a week. The first year anniversary of these dates, I thought about it non-stop, the second a little less and now on the third it was an afterthought. Not because the magnitude of the situation was any less, but because life has moved along. We're not 100% focused on the adoption.

I actually dreamed of this day. As the other moms and I would watch our kids scoot around the tile floors we would dream of a life not centered around the process, the money, the foreign country, the paperwork, the margaritas, the lawyers all the while we knew these kids were ours and were waiting for a bunch of official people to figure it out along with us.

So, here it is. Real life. Real life. And it only took 3 years.

Happy anniversary(ies), sweet little man.


janel. said...

ok just cried again reading through all of the past posts and watching the video!! Happy days Mohr family :)

Amanda said...

I was so glad to have been with you in the great country of Guatemala on GOTCHA DAY!! Even though we didn't realize it until one of the girls pointed it out the next day...I love everything about that little man!!

The Busters said...

Happy Anniversaries, Mohr Family!! Wow, I remember the post of your homecoming day very well and the picture with "C U Tomorrow." I hope and pray that in three years I am in that real life stage with our little guy. Thank you for inspiring me along the way!!

Janet Noe Rhoads said...

Katie, that last photo especially hit me...insta-tears! I am so happy for you and your beautiful family! :)

Maggie said...

loved going back and seeing your photos!

Lauren Forde said...

Umm I just cried. Still so happy and amazed how God's creating a family for you in his own time and his own way. I can't wait to hear about the day you get 'the call.' Happy Anniversaries!