Friday, July 9, 2010

True friends...

read your facebook status and then send you pics like this! HA!

Do you see it? That is a 'bump-it' in full effect. If your head looked like this ten years ago a doctor would make you wear a helmet until your cranium looked normal again.

Last week I was at an Excel conference (yes, you read that right) and had to sit behind a whole row of bump-it patrons. If that's not FB status worthy, I don't know what is. That night I got home and this little treat above was in my inbox from my friend Julie.

It delighted me. So much so that I made it a category on my blog, hoping others will send me more. I'm hoping to inspire an army of bump-it spotters across the country. From sea to shining sea. Perhaps I could make a spreadsheet out of the data. Or just leave it at this one. So, go...go Bump-it Brigade! Spot, click, and send.

**I do not condone nor judge the use of said bump-it.

***If you say "bump-it" over and over, it no longer sound like a real word/phrase but more like a speech impediment on your way to saying something else.

****The original title to this post was "friends don't let friends bump-it, they just take pictures' but that sounded a bit off. You're welcome.


Blessed Mommy said...

LOL - you crack me up.. i coulda gotten a pic of the gal in front of me in church today, not sure how appropriate church photography would be tho ;)

Maggie said...

Ha! This is hilarious!