Thursday, July 15, 2010

So, do you have a kid yet?

I've gotten this question 26 minus 17 times lately. Here's the skinny:

* YES, we're officially on the call list. any. moment. now.

* NO, we haven't gotten a call yet.

* YES, we're excited.

* NO, the phone call I just got wasn't them.

* YES, we've gotten tons of donations from friends who are "done" having kids. (Good luck w/ that one...)

* NO, the room isn't ready. Ready? For a 3 yr old girl or a 6 month old boy? Oh, a sibling set? huh. So, no, not ready.

* YES, I feel heavy knowing that in order for us to get the call, that means something somewhere isn't going the way it should, something tragic and life-changing has happened.


Armstrong's said...

Exciting times! I was so antsy to get our first call and now it seems like we get 3ish a week. Will be praying for you guys...

Amanda said...

You have been on my heart so many times over the past few weeks... just so you know, I am praying for you.. and for your current and future children.