Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bringing Guatemala home one tortilla at a time.

If you kept up with my adventures on our last trip, you may remember my learning how to make tortillas by hand. Back in the day Sharon was a better Guate-mama than me and took full advantage of her time there with cooking lessons on authentic dishes. Me? I did score a great recipe for Guac but that's the extent. And Russ makes it, not me. So, for whatever reason, I got really passionate about making tortillas.

Like if I were writing a personal ad it would read, "Loves long walks on the beach, dairy, and making handmade tortillas." There's no cell phone plan on the planet that could handle the amount of minutes that ad would draw. Good thing I'm married.

I digress.

So, Amanda and I searched the Bodegona to find the mix to make them stateside. We each made room for the extra 2lbs in our luggage and successfully brought Guatemala home with us. And after two days, Guatemala looked like this:

Thank you, Daisy. Hope you liked your tortillas.

However, don't despair friends, this is a story of redemption. The STL has a few ethnic grocers and the one closest to my office had the exact same brand. The real stuff! Guatemala was here the whole time!

Cheesy yet happy. Speaking of cheese: I made a mini quesadilla with this sweet little guy. Take that, dairy-accountability-friends.

The smell took us right back to the streets of Guatemala, in a good way. (ha!)

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Amanda said...


I still have not made the chance to make homemade tortillas yet...but I cannot wait to have my house smelling like the goodness of Guatemala!!
Hmmm...maybe I can make some this weekend?!?