Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fresh Moms...

Jodie and Kim of Fresh Art Photography offered a class to moms w/ a good camera that don't quite know what they're doing. I thought this was a fantastic opportunity. We invested in this Rebel and gotten much better pics than our 'point and shoot' but I was still treating it like a glorified 'point and shoot.' I had no idea what equipment I had and it's potential. So, I thought the class would be a good investment in our investment. Every day since that class I've taken pics (except about 2). I've only switched back to "auto" a couple times just to see what the exact same shot would look like and been really happy to see my manual settings get the better one!


During our class, Jodie encouraged us to take pics of the day-to-day, not just the big occasions like birthday parties. While it's fun to see who was at your parties, we tend to get curious at some point what the day to day looked like when we were kids. So, that recommendation led me to this photo:

Eliot constantly plays on this window sill with his cars. Constantly. Sometimes crashing into each other, sometimes having "circle time", sometimes saying words Eliot's not allowed to say and getting time-outs for it, and pretty often he gets distracted by a cool car or firetruck driving down the road and becomes so calm and sweet, just staring out the window. Then monster-mommy comes and eats his little cheeks right off. (picture not included.)

E-man has become my little assistant. He is BFF with the camera but I have to be subtle about it until invited in. So, while I "practice" getting to know my camera settings, he will often set up the shot for me. Then when a toy accidentally falls and he cracks up, I snap the real picture I want. Sneak, sneak.


Lauren Forde said...

Do you have to be a mom to come? Does Riley count? I need some help! You're picture look great!

jodie said...

you are ROCKING it out! and your focus looks good (on these websized files!) which is the hardest part! stop by anytime if you have a question... I know you know where I live! ha!