Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Post 1: Your Pen and Your Calendar

We've had so many questions over the last few months on what's going on, what's next, what are we doing, what does that mean? As far as we understand it, here's the process in fostering:

1. Fill out basic application

2. Screener-type-person comes to your house for 30 minutes to make sure your child isn't playing w/ razors and such, makes sure your home is legit, etc. Easy peasy.

3. Take 9 weeks of class (3 hours once a week). Classes were educationally PACKED. Everything from what to expect, stories from experienced foster and adoptive families, understanding the process as it relates to all the parties involved. They really open your eyes to parenting these kiddos as best they can. Lots more on this step in another post!

4. During the nine weeks you have visits from your Licensing Worker (LW). She helps you work through all the paperwork. She rocks. She's sends off all your paperwork once it's complete to the various places it needs to go and will eventually "recommend" your approval. There's a window of 120 days to get all this done.

5. If you're hoping/planning to adopt, there's 12 more hours of classes to educate you and yours on what to expect when you're expecting.

6. Once everything comes back (without any red flags), you're certified. If you're open to fostering vs. adoption (more on the differences later), you will then meet with a different LW who will be your contact to the kids needing care. Depending on your preferences already decided (age, gender, siblings, special needs, etc) you'll get THE CALL.

Simple but potentially very messy. I like messy.

Speaking of, AGAIN: if you have questions, please comment, email, or call!!


Laura said...

I am really interested the see the adopt vs. foster aspect. Thanks for doing this!

Amanda said...

did you guys have many "preferences"? I think it would be hard to have preferences... thinking of who may not be able to have a home because of them. but when you already have a child at home, it is something I'm sure you must consider at least... sorry if that's too personal of a question.