Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bits of my weekend, vol.3

This is a running theme, by the way, from Six in the City blog. You should give it a shot next weekend. I can't tell you how much it's making me appreciate even the little things, living a bit more intentional with our weekends. I'm loving it! If you post yours, head to that blog and link your post so others can see it! And now...
Saturday morning started with making some mad waffles:

Then we headed outside to start a new project in the back yard, ya know, since I have such a green thumb and all.

He desperately needs you to see his new gardening gear.

Planting, watering.



Saturday afternoon...(not pictured: me weeping over my awful bracket)

AHA! We did fly the coop! Documentation that we did, in fact, head out for a night! Beautiful wedding Saturday night, gorgeous bride (see below), great night hanging out with our old crowd!

Greentree youth pastors unite!

The Luchts!

These two women are crazy instrumental in my world. I don't print many pictures any more, but this one just might get printed, notarized, and certified.

The sign of a good wedding is needing to take my shoes off from dancing too much. (other possibility: sign of painful, yet adorable, shoes)

My cute friend Sarah!

Mr. and Mrs. Holley...

Amigo Joes for Sunday lunch with his two lady friends...

Oh wait, another game of Battling Tops? Just be thankful the new obsession doesn't rhyme with Flightening McTeen.

Check out these Sm-eyes, Tara!

Sunday night we had the neibs over for games and snacks! Have I mentioned how much we love living here?

Did I mention our neighbor is a chef? Puh-lease look at these cracked out deviled eggs. After you try and figure out what they are, also take note that I will never add 'food photography' as a possible job idea. Yikes.


michelle from Six in the City said...

I'm craving waffles now!

Katherine said...

Dude your post totally made me hungrier... but looks like a fun weekend! PS - love that you guys played settlers (yeah Brad and Hannah got me hooked after playing 1x)