Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pickin' up the slack

Easter and April Fool's Day have snuck up on me this year. Maybe it's the fostering stuff but I found myself scrambling today to think of/find fun ideas stuff to do with Eliot. I grabbed a popular magazine I subscribe to with the label, "Eggscellent Easter Crafts, Recipes and Games" and kept turning the pages looking for said ideas. Yeah, uh...that's not going to cut it. Lame.

So, as a favor to you and future me, I'm compiling all the blog ideas I've seen into one post. You're welcome.

April Fools:

*Heather's post from 08 on a great dinner and dessert idea.

*Heather's post from 09 with another idea to add to the last one.

*And...Heather's post from '10. She kills me!

*Lots of crazy food ideas and pranks here.

*More craft and activities.

*Design Mom had some ideas here.

*Cake Wrecks featured some great food pranks here.

Nicole and hubby surprised their kids with this idea that I think would be a good April Fools joke as well.

*Have a tween? You must look at this Chore Camp brochure! Hilarious!


*Sara's cheap and quick easter season clothing idea. Of course. =)

*Let's Go Explore's ideas with plastic eggs (LOVE THIS ONE!)

*When you're done with the plastic eggs, check out this UNBELIEVABLY BRILLIANT idea.

*Chasing Cheerios made these bird's nests as a yummy snack.

*Amy's 09 post on more decoration ideas.

*Easter bunny handprint cards from Chasing Cheerios. And Easter bunny Smores from the same blog.

*Resurrection Eggs (DIY) from this blog.

*These AMAZING yummy rice krispy eggs from a blog I found from hop,hop,hopping around.

*These super cute egg planter thingys from one of my readers.

*A great way to make the easter egg hunt a team effort here.

Seriously, I feel like I just finished a term paper. Remind me to look at this post again in early March '11. Good luck, last minute moms!


Steff Cincoski said...

Hi Katie! I'm a frequent reader...But, don't comment too often.

Anyway, thanks for the great ideas. I recently posted a fun project that you an Eliot might be able to try next year

Happy Easter!

Katherine said...

Personally I love you and Hannah's idea about Easter being the ultimate April Fools... definitely cracked up.