Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Going green.

***You should feel a little used, a little cheap. I have taken advantage of your followingness of all this blog to stray from the monster sitting on my dining room table. A monster that others might refer to as fostering paperwork.

If you'd like to know the source of my latest junior-high-girl response to life being SO!VERY!UNFAIR!, head to this link. Did Gail ever move away from Oprah? Did Diana move away from Anne and her Green Gables? (maybe? I actually have no idea. Or maybe she moved to Green-ville...)

In honor of one of my-dearest-friends-on-the-planet-of-this-earth-in-the-century-of-all-the-time getting her dream job, I shall post pretty things. Pretty things in green.

Some images from Etsy, some from Flickr, and some from WeHeartIt, I'm not sure which, I added them too fast in my haste to avoid all things paperwork.

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