Tuesday, March 30, 2010


For you who enjoyed this photo:

It was inspired by this pic from Oct 08, also from Jodie (before Fresh Art was born):

Hello, Fresh Art visitors! A few of you had questions about our question mark so I thought I'd hop on and direct you to the sidebar and encourage you to read up on the posts labeled Fostering. That is our big question, not knowing who, what age, gender, history, etc on who will join our family or for how long for that matter. Could be a week, could be a couple years, could be forever. Questions flow like Mountain Dew on a bad day. (I'm *somewhat* of an emotional eater...)

If you've read the last two posts, you know that Fresh Art is doing the mini-sessions. I know it goes without saying, but I can't stress how happy we are with their work. Duh, right? Captain Obvious over here. Nice to meet you. Stay with me, there's more obvious comin' atchya, ready?: I adore my son. I think he's seriously the cutest child on the planet. Even in time-out, not that he ever gets them...

Rewind: While in Guate, one thing I mourned almost daily was not having a good camera to REALLY catch all of Eliot's stages. When I moved in next to Sharon, I was super excited about her camera (and her friendship, just to clarify). I would walk by one of the "studios" all the time, wondering if they could do it, if they could capture my Eliot as I see him day in and day out. Once we got home with our TODDLER, I posted this. Jodie commented offering a free shoot to practice for her "new biz". Out of that comment came the greatest favor we've ever done for a friend. 'Great' as in hitting the photographer jackpot! Then she joined forces with Kim and BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE, PEOPLE!

I digress. (Make a point, Katie, make a point!)

I feel like I should make a point here. When I saw this photo:

I thought, "They did it. They captured him." They got my Eliot in this time. This is the pic that will transport me back in time when I see it again in 5 years. This is the photo that will help me remember that he used to fit in my arms, that his 3 year old giggle made my day. This photo is my time machine back to the essence of toddler-turning-boy. I've caught him in every stage but rarely am I talented enough to capture him.

So, all that to say, pull the trigger. Sign up for a mini-session or book your own session. Whatever season you're in right now will be gone before you know it and you'll be so very grateful that part of it was captured.

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