Monday, March 15, 2010

Have your people call my people.

*You have heard me rant and rave about my hair-spouse. I love her. She makes me look good. Even when I try hard not to. In case you were sad that you missed her special last year, feel free to call her and set up an appointment. Ninfa at Strands Salon, 314-725-1717

*Last week we visited our tax preparer. Russ and I have never been an easy case come tax time. To say that we're complex would be like saying that I *sort of* miss dairy. Every year we head to a legit establishment (rhyming with H and bar clock) with all of our mounds of paperwork and pay them plasma from our bodies to motivate them to figure out our 12,000 forms. A couple years ago a friend recommended this lady and is really good. We gave it a shot and I'm happy to report, we were a perfect match. She's a tax-preparing-miracle, frankly. If you're not all set in that area yet, she still has some spots left. Feel free to call her and tell her we said hi! Sandy Kaspar, 314-226-9828.

* Who doesn't love talking about car insurance? Home insurance? Rental? I mean, I could talk all day about the delight that it brings, but I'm a little too busy banging my head against the wall since this topic is 12 kinds of blah to me. However. We have a guy. He's awesome. We got his info when we first moved to St. Louis ions ago and have been happy happy happy with him. Basically, whenever we have a change coming, we call him and he does all the dirty work. If our policy is about to change and go crazy, he calls us to tell us he's already shopping around for a better policy. Too good to be true? I know. Living the dream over here in St. Louis and you can be, too. Dave at Star Insurance 314-692-7555.

* We also can't say enough about our investment guy. We've also used his services for years and have always been impressed with his knowledge and mad money skills. If you don't have someone in that area of expertise yet, give him a call and maybe you can retire at 35 like we are...(not really.) Kevin with Ameriprise 314-576-2111.

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