Thursday, December 13, 2012

Another holiday tip (free of charge)(you're welcome)

Sometimes it takes a little more effort but try to be aware of the gifts you're giving and how they relate (or don't relate) to the gift receiver.
AKA: look for gifts that match the receivers race or ethnicity. It's easier now than it ever has been. Just takes a little extra thought and effort to grab one toy off the shelf vs. another.

*All actors were compensated** for their time.

**and by "compensated", I mean cups overflowing with goldfish crackers as previously agreed upon by this participant's actors guild.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wanna get me a gift?

Many of you give extra this time of year and sometimes it's overwhelming to know where to give. I thought I'd add a couple options if you're still undecided.

Last year we received an adoption grant from Show Hope. They're a non-profit that awards grants to as many families as they have funds. Dez's adoption was paid off after the grant we received. Click here to donate.

If you'd rather donate to an actual adoption you can watch develop, I happen to know a few peeps going through the process. Weird, huh?

Erik and Jessa Anderson in CA adopting from Ethiopia! Click here to donate.

Bob and Erin Hansel in CO adopting from Uganda! Click here to donate.

Darrell and Kristen Vanzant in TN adopting from Honduras! Click here to donate.

In case you missed it, international adoption is crazy expensive. Each of these three families entered this process not having the funds but trusting God would provide and are now working their hardest to raise funds. We could not have completed either of our adoptions (even the domestic one) without the generosity of others, many of them strangers. Friends of friends. There's people we still meet now that are so excited to meet Eliot, letting us know they contributed. It humbles me. These were the hands and feet of Jesus to us then and even now as we watch E grow up.

Christmas was always a harder season for me as we were growing our family than even Mother's Day. The vacancy of the stocking I so desperately wanted was always looming in front of me. Help ease the wait for these families by contributing to their funds.

I'm secretly hoping to get an email or text saying "A donation was made in your honor to___".

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


My fav Instagrams over the last 9 weeks...feel free to follow me at katielmohr! I'll steal a few from Russ' feed next! If you're not on IG yet, I highly recommend it. We're obsessed about it over here!