Monday, September 28, 2009

You're running out of time.

If you don't have a calendar right in front of you, you should know that there's only two days of September left. That's important to you. Let me remind you why:

This is a great example of what you might call a "before" picture. Before, well, a lot of things, but mostly important for this post? Before Ninfa.

People, this is what I would still look like. Seriously. She's that good.

You have until Wednesday evening (Feel free to call after Wednesday, you just won't get the sweet deal.) to call Strands Salon, and book an appointment for the some time in the next few months: 314-725-1717.

The appointment for your fantastic follicle future.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'm closest to God's Heaven in my garden. With the Matador.

The answer to all my problems! Well, not all my problems I guess, just one (not to take away from the impact.)

The problem? My hobby. Earring shopping. It's Guatemala's fault (they have some mad skills down there!) And Ninfa's fault (we all know the best accessory to THE accessory is a cute pair of earrings.) So, yeah, I enjoy a cute pair-o-rings for my lobes.

That came out weird.

So, I've never really had a great solution as to where to house all my lobe candy. (ewww.) No jewelry box ever seemed adequate, mostly because like Moto Moto, " I like 'em big, I like 'em chunky."

So, whenever it comes to mind when I have friends over, I'll show them my pile and ask their advice. I usually hear "Well, I have this blah blah blah that works perfectly!" but their solution was never anything I could do. I don't have extra drawers or shelf/dresser space.

However, remember this weekend? Well, Julie happens to make jewelry so I know her "hobby" is worse than mine. She described an idea she's heard before using common household materials.

Ya'll, the clouds parted and heavenly hosts sang out the halleluah chorus.

Step 1: Find old frames. So, off hunting I went. I found two Goodwill treasures. This robust Matador had a cool frame and then a lovely cross-stitched little number reading "I'm closest to God's Heaven in my garden." (Sidenote: as I was purchasing this catch phrase, the lady behind me started oogling it and said, "ooh, that's beautiful." and then something to the affect of "I wish I would've thought of that." She was my third treasure at Goodwill)

Step 2: Buy screening. This vinyl role will last me til then end of time. It was super easy to work with.

Step 3: Replace Matador and God's Heaven with screen. Staple gun those suckers. Add some wiring for wall placement and SHA-BAMM! 16 year problem solved. (allowed to pierce my ears at age 16...) This isn't the best pic but you get it. Here's the cooler of the two:

(and a special thanks to my spouse for the supportive role with the staple gun.)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Summer Olympics 2020

Want a sneak peak? Click here to head over to Lisa's blog.

It's a.m.a.z.i.n.g.

And, no, it's not a clue about the Halloween duo.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sneak Peak...

That pretty much sums things up. We had to do something with the kids so we could lay out and boogie board.

More later. Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I don't want to talk about it.

Day 2 of Eliot's first trip to the beach our camera broke.

Monday, September 14, 2009

It was no day at the beach...


It rained all day. We had a small window of time after naps, before dinner that it was clear enough to run across the street to introduce E-shark to what we might refer to as the beach. Did I mention we're on vacation? Cuz these Mohrs done did sneak outta town. Out of town with good and old friends.

Instead we were forced to go to the outlet mall. Nuts. I just plum hate it when that happens.

This pic makes me happier than a ternader in a trailer park. This was half way through the outlet mall. The boys were troopers. Tomorrow we'll hit the sand like it's a sale at GAP.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

500th Post!!!!

HELLO!!! Holy blogiversary!!!

...I'd like to thank the academy...

In honor of such a HUGE,MOMENTOUS occasion, I will share with you something caught on film this week.

Are you ready? You may even see this in the National Enquirer soon, that's how amazing this is. Too bad the guys from youtube couldn't make it.


Here is proof that when you're contemplating picking up that last bit of high calorie yumminess but knowing you shouldn't, there's a little man over your shoulder convincing you it's a good idea.

Be shocked and amazed. or just entertained.

But seriously? 500 posts? Who knew I had so much to say? (don't answer that) Even more amazing, there are some of you that have been reading from the beginning and it's not just my mom! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

And thanks to Lacy, my newest and only reader from Montana! It's a google analytics thing, you wouldn't understand... or maybe you would. On my analytics map (a tracker to tell me where my readers live) I have readers in 42 states. Now I only need New Mexico, Idaho, Wyoming, North and South Dakota, New Hampshire, Vermont and Delaware.

So, what do you think? My blogiversary wishlist reads like this: Have readers in all 50 states. Maybe as a blogiversary present, you can email your friends in those states and tell them to just log onto my blog once. I am not cool enough to know anyone in those states, so am needing your help. They don't even need to read anything, heck, I don't even read it half the time, just log on to the ol' blogger and type in my name. Sound good? The little guy in the sketchy hoody sitting on your shoulder thinks you should...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Magna cum-LOUD:part 2

Eliot taking Russ' picture. I'll let him upload those to his blog.

This was supposed to be a shot showing off his backpack. Apparently he was assuming we could see through his sternum.

(This was "hey Eliot, make a silly face.")

Here at Casa Del Mohr, we decided that our FDOST* would be hitting a neighborhood donut shop before school. I think that decision was well received.

Eliot was contemplating all that we've taught him up to this point. I have just told him that we're pushing him out of the nest.

When we took him inside, he proudly showed me all around the room. I will say that this pre-school was brilliant in letting the small group of new students come play last week for a few days on their own before coming for the first day. He walked in confidently and happily. He even took me from table to table saying, "Mom, look! Another little guy!" and pointed to another student. Then he would wave and say hi and introduce himself and that he was running for pre-school class president.

When Russ picked him up he announced, "Daddy, I so happy!" I think he did okay.

*FDOST stands for First Day Of School Tradition. Keep up!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Magna cum-LOUD

Look out education world, somebody had his first official day of school today!

More later, it's hard to type through the tears...

Monday, September 7, 2009

Sunday, September 6, 2009

"It's OUR time down here!"

Have I really not posted since Tuesday? What's going on, for pete's?

A couple follow-ups fer ya (not a typo, I live in Missouri):

*The Halloween costume guessing contest thingy will be revealed in due time. Relax.

*The CarMohr San Diego game? Heather was the closest.

1. Cubs game at Wrigley (Bucket list item for the mister. Now I can off him.)
2.Medieval Times in Shaumberg (Chicago-ish). Same location as Ikea, thankyouverymuch.
3.Niagra trip after Lisa's wedding in NY.
4.Beale Street, Memphis
5.Pike's Place Market in Seattle (5 year anniversary trip!)
6.Colorado backpacking trip. You know us and our constant backpacking...Actually, it was a phenom trip, but that's a story for another day when you want to hear about how my life was in danger 12 different ways.
7. A lake between Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua. Mission trip fun day at the beach!
8. Canon Beach, OR. However, I'm slightly disappointed in you people. No one said anything about Goonies. That's the only reason we went there!

*If you don't already subscribe to Boomama's blog, you need to read this post.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Let's play a game!

If you happen to be my friend on ye ol' facebook, you may be aware of my new found love of the scanner at work. Remember that sexy lunch hour? Well, envision boxes of old pictures + 60 minutes of pushing "scan" with one hand and munching on lunch with the other.

So, I decided to play a game with you bloggees. It's a throw back to "Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?" We'll start with an easy one and then make them harder (use those context clues, peeps!):








8. Buffalo Bonus Question:

Go! Go!

Like father, like son?

Eliot starts pre-school next week and it's all we've talked about at home. Everytime we get our shoes out for something, he excitedly asks if he's going to school. This week he gets to go in a few times for some less structured play times to get familiar with the people and the place, which is a great idea in my opinion.

So, yesterday we asked Eliot if he was going to school this week, expecting the usual excitement. Instead he stopped what he was doing and casually said, "No, I play guitar."

I made it quite clear to Mr. Mohrhawk that Daddy was at least in college before he made that decision.