ReSource: Foster and Adoptive Family Support

It's origin is simple. I was cleaning out our basement as a New Years Resolution in early 2013 at the same time I was wishing there was some place in St. Louis that someone could store tubs of clothes/shoes/baby gear, etc for my friends actively doing foster care and SAFE families through Bethany. It took a few minutes for me to connect the dots but I realized we had the space for such a resource.
I cleared off the one shelf we had of our personal stuff, sending it all to tower in another corner and went through all the clothes my boys had already grown out of. I started spreading the word about my idea and donations started showing up. Too many for our one shelf so an adoptive family from The Journey came over and built more shelves. People donated clothes and shoes and baby gear and plastic tubs and, most importantly, time to help me get it organized.
At first we just called it "The Basement" but in efforts to sound less creepy, we renamed it ReSource.

As we filled tubs over the months, we spread the word through active foster families. I contacted several agencies via those families and social workers to let them know about our resource. So far it's been an active resource, donations coming and going like a busy library. In it's first year we've clothed almost 70 children, which is more than I had imagined.
We're excited to see where this goes and are working toward it becoming a legit 501(c)3.

We accept clothes/shoes sized NB-YXL. We accept non-expired car seats and other baby gear if it's in good shape. We do not take puzzles/games/toys/books/stuffed animals. Whatever we don't have usually only takes a Facebook status update to find. St. Louis is full of generous people at the ready! Email me if you have any question! katie l mohr AT gmail dot com.

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