Sunday, September 1, 2013

Ididit,Ididit,Ididit! Check 7/12

It took six years but I finally finished all 230 pages of the first draft of my book. The memoir documenting Eliot's adoption is written.

It needs a serious amount of editing but I'm super happy with it. I've sent it to a small handful of people. Some "yesmen" that I know will give me pats on the back and even a few that I specifically asked for critiques. I'm having to get used to the exposed feeling that comes along with sending this out. I waver between "I think this is actually really well written." and "What am I thinking?!"

I met with a published author/professor this week to talk publishing. He was so encouraging and I'm still processing all that we discussed. He mentioned how my role has switched now from author to salesman, from creating to selling. He asked good questions and helped me sort through some preliminary decisions. I've also received at least 4 very detailed emails from friends offering their knowledge and experience. I don't know why, but this graciousness of the literary world has been a pleasant surprise. I hope I remember this when someone approaches me in the future asking for help.

So, what now? I'm writing a book proposal. I want to pursue traditional publishing before I go to self-publishing. The more I research, the more I'm finding but it all goes back to a book proposal. And an agent. The book proposal is in my control but the agent is not. It seems overwhelming and I'm unsure of where to even begin.

Interestingly enough, it feels like it did starting our international adoption. Big and unfamiliar and unlimited directions it could go.