Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pickin' up the slack

Easter and April Fool's Day have snuck up on me this year. Maybe it's the fostering stuff but I found myself scrambling today to think of/find fun ideas stuff to do with Eliot. I grabbed a popular magazine I subscribe to with the label, "Eggscellent Easter Crafts, Recipes and Games" and kept turning the pages looking for said ideas. Yeah, uh...that's not going to cut it. Lame.

So, as a favor to you and future me, I'm compiling all the blog ideas I've seen into one post. You're welcome.

April Fools:

*Heather's post from 08 on a great dinner and dessert idea.

*Heather's post from 09 with another idea to add to the last one.

*And...Heather's post from '10. She kills me!

*Lots of crazy food ideas and pranks here.

*More craft and activities.

*Design Mom had some ideas here.

*Cake Wrecks featured some great food pranks here.

Nicole and hubby surprised their kids with this idea that I think would be a good April Fools joke as well.

*Have a tween? You must look at this Chore Camp brochure! Hilarious!


*Sara's cheap and quick easter season clothing idea. Of course. =)

*Let's Go Explore's ideas with plastic eggs (LOVE THIS ONE!)

*When you're done with the plastic eggs, check out this UNBELIEVABLY BRILLIANT idea.

*Chasing Cheerios made these bird's nests as a yummy snack.

*Amy's 09 post on more decoration ideas.

*Easter bunny handprint cards from Chasing Cheerios. And Easter bunny Smores from the same blog.

*Resurrection Eggs (DIY) from this blog.

*These AMAZING yummy rice krispy eggs from a blog I found from hop,hop,hopping around.

*These super cute egg planter thingys from one of my readers.

*A great way to make the easter egg hunt a team effort here.

Seriously, I feel like I just finished a term paper. Remind me to look at this post again in early March '11. Good luck, last minute moms!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


For you who enjoyed this photo:

It was inspired by this pic from Oct 08, also from Jodie (before Fresh Art was born):

Hello, Fresh Art visitors! A few of you had questions about our question mark so I thought I'd hop on and direct you to the sidebar and encourage you to read up on the posts labeled Fostering. That is our big question, not knowing who, what age, gender, history, etc on who will join our family or for how long for that matter. Could be a week, could be a couple years, could be forever. Questions flow like Mountain Dew on a bad day. (I'm *somewhat* of an emotional eater...)

If you've read the last two posts, you know that Fresh Art is doing the mini-sessions. I know it goes without saying, but I can't stress how happy we are with their work. Duh, right? Captain Obvious over here. Nice to meet you. Stay with me, there's more obvious comin' atchya, ready?: I adore my son. I think he's seriously the cutest child on the planet. Even in time-out, not that he ever gets them...

Rewind: While in Guate, one thing I mourned almost daily was not having a good camera to REALLY catch all of Eliot's stages. When I moved in next to Sharon, I was super excited about her camera (and her friendship, just to clarify). I would walk by one of the "studios" all the time, wondering if they could do it, if they could capture my Eliot as I see him day in and day out. Once we got home with our TODDLER, I posted this. Jodie commented offering a free shoot to practice for her "new biz". Out of that comment came the greatest favor we've ever done for a friend. 'Great' as in hitting the photographer jackpot! Then she joined forces with Kim and BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE, PEOPLE!

I digress. (Make a point, Katie, make a point!)

I feel like I should make a point here. When I saw this photo:

I thought, "They did it. They captured him." They got my Eliot in this time. This is the pic that will transport me back in time when I see it again in 5 years. This is the photo that will help me remember that he used to fit in my arms, that his 3 year old giggle made my day. This photo is my time machine back to the essence of toddler-turning-boy. I've caught him in every stage but rarely am I talented enough to capture him.

So, all that to say, pull the trigger. Sign up for a mini-session or book your own session. Whatever season you're in right now will be gone before you know it and you'll be so very grateful that part of it was captured.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Photoshoot Phun!

Wanna see some more? Click on over to FreshArt Photography and while you're there, remember their awesome mini-sessions coming up...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bits of my weekend, vol.4

We've had SOME-PACKED-TO-THE-GILLS weekends lately. So, in keeping with that trend, this weekend was all glam. Glam.or.ous. The kind of stuff Fergie wrote about in her song, actually.
(I can't help it: glaMOHRus, glamoRUSS??? Oh, how delightful our name can be!)

Random?? This is indicating the outfits accidently left behind for our family photo shoot with FreshArt Photography. Jodie sent me a sneak peak of a few of their shots so far...wanna see?

Anyone get the question mark????

From there, things just got more exciting! Eliot chose his own outfit for naptime:

And then he helped me with the laundry...

I'm sure you'll be jealous of how I spent my Saturday about bling...

On Sunday we watched Baby Clare eat her first solid food...

And Eliot spent this afternoon working on those mad balla skills.

FreshArt Photography, by the way, is doing a REALLY COOL fundraising idea for St. Louis Childrens Hospital in honor of this little guy and his family. If you're in the STL or surrounding areas and haven't gotten family shots done in awhile, this is definitely a great excuse!

As always, click here for other's (Not THE Other's, I don't think you'd want to see bits of their weekend following FLocke around.) Bits of My Weekend from Six in the City.

Bits of my weekend, vol. -1

Remember my birthday surprise?

Well, not only did I not get a chance to blog about it once it was over but it was also before Bits of My Weekend started. Unfortunately there were 18 million conversations all started at the same time, some never finished, and that means no time to take photos.

An extra surprise for Sharon! We ran into my friend Erin who has been a Sharon supporter for the last several years but had never met her!

If you don't know why a visit from Sharon is a big deal lemme recap for you: Sharon was one of my closest friends (and my suitemate) in Guatemala. We've only seen each other stateside one other time and that was Nov 08 for Mel's wedding and frankly, that weekend was PACKED with so much stuff that we didn't really get any time to just catch up. And by catch up, I mean start 18 million conversations that may or may not get finished.

It was an absolute delight for me to spend several days with her. Russ did real good.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Progression of a Balla...

Almost 2 years old...

Almost 4 years old...

Maybe the Pistons would have nailed that three-peat if they'd had this bunny-wearing,mac-n-cheese-making, basketball kamikaze...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Going green.

***You should feel a little used, a little cheap. I have taken advantage of your followingness of all this blog to stray from the monster sitting on my dining room table. A monster that others might refer to as fostering paperwork.

If you'd like to know the source of my latest junior-high-girl response to life being SO!VERY!UNFAIR!, head to this link. Did Gail ever move away from Oprah? Did Diana move away from Anne and her Green Gables? (maybe? I actually have no idea. Or maybe she moved to Green-ville...)

In honor of one of my-dearest-friends-on-the-planet-of-this-earth-in-the-century-of-all-the-time getting her dream job, I shall post pretty things. Pretty things in green.

Some images from Etsy, some from Flickr, and some from WeHeartIt, I'm not sure which, I added them too fast in my haste to avoid all things paperwork.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Post 4: Your Homework

There's SO MUCH out there via blogs on people's stories and experiences with this. I thought I'd share the wealth. By the way, I don't link stuff unless it's legit, people. I'm a link snob. Take comfort in this knowledge and press onward.

Katie (my *facebook* friend, yeah, we're totally so tight) wrote on the transformation of a boy returned to his family.

Jeff (old friend from high school) wrote on getting THE CALL.

Stuff Christians Like wrote on name vs. number.

The Armstrongs are living our life, only west by about 4 hours. Seriously, it's creepy. On this post, Emily writes about making a tough decision about THE CALL.

Amy writes in her new blog about strength in this journey. Can't wait to read more!

Also, I've added Grown in my heart to the good ol' reader and am intrigued by all the different posts so far. You should check it out.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bits of my weekend, vol.3

This is a running theme, by the way, from Six in the City blog. You should give it a shot next weekend. I can't tell you how much it's making me appreciate even the little things, living a bit more intentional with our weekends. I'm loving it! If you post yours, head to that blog and link your post so others can see it! And now...
Saturday morning started with making some mad waffles:

Then we headed outside to start a new project in the back yard, ya know, since I have such a green thumb and all.

He desperately needs you to see his new gardening gear.

Planting, watering.



Saturday afternoon...(not pictured: me weeping over my awful bracket)

AHA! We did fly the coop! Documentation that we did, in fact, head out for a night! Beautiful wedding Saturday night, gorgeous bride (see below), great night hanging out with our old crowd!

Greentree youth pastors unite!

The Luchts!

These two women are crazy instrumental in my world. I don't print many pictures any more, but this one just might get printed, notarized, and certified.

The sign of a good wedding is needing to take my shoes off from dancing too much. (other possibility: sign of painful, yet adorable, shoes)

My cute friend Sarah!

Mr. and Mrs. Holley...

Amigo Joes for Sunday lunch with his two lady friends...

Oh wait, another game of Battling Tops? Just be thankful the new obsession doesn't rhyme with Flightening McTeen.

Check out these Sm-eyes, Tara!

Sunday night we had the neibs over for games and snacks! Have I mentioned how much we love living here?

Did I mention our neighbor is a chef? Puh-lease look at these cracked out deviled eggs. After you try and figure out what they are, also take note that I will never add 'food photography' as a possible job idea. Yikes.