Tuesday, October 5, 2010



We were trained. We heard stories. We prepared a room and gathered supplies.

From the moment we got the call to 48 hours later, I felt like the wind got knocked out of me. This has turned our world upside down. On so many levels.

We're 5 days in to our first fostering experience now. The outcome is far from being determined. Progress has been made with Baby T, but there's still a road ahead of us.

The last few days has revealed a lot to me about me. About Russ and E-man. About our friends and support network. I've discovered I'm weaker than I thought, more prideful, lazier and more selfish. I've discovered even more so what incredible hearts Russ and Eliot have. I've discovered how quickly I've become protective over a child I've barely met. I've discovered how very unorganized we are and that "baby-proofing" a house means very different things with different babies. I've discovered how very little I know about parenting and yet how well the trainings prepared us. I've discovered how unwavering the support network is for foster parents, how amazing this community is. It's taken me a few days but I've discovered that my world getting turned upside down is nothing in comparison to the tornado of confusion and fear Baby T must feel.

I want to be honest about this for a couple reasons. I want to remember this first run. I want other new foster parents to know that we certainly didn't/don't have it all together and that if they get overwhelmed, that's okay. I read several other fostering blogs and most of them have been around the bend a few times. I expected to react like they seem to from the get-go. But I just didn't.

All that to say, we're rallying. Russ and Eliot started rallying .4 seconds into the process it seems, but it took me a little longer. And that's okay. Baby T and I are taking 2 steps forward with plans to take more.


.Kate. said...

Nothing wholly prepares you for that first placement. I remember thinking, "I've never been so exhausted in my whole life!" It is so overwhelming. Your family and Baby T are in my prayers. I hope it all goes as well as can be expected!

amy said...

you are/have been on my prayer list! i have NO idea what you are going thru but there is joy and sorrow in everything. you are an amazing gift to your family and baby T!!!

heather said...

I've been praying for you guys like crazy since I heard.
Thanks for your honesty in your experience... I hope you get to share more. I am SO curious. About all of it. How old is Baby T? Did you have much notice before bringing him into your home?
I know "his story" is his story and not sharable, but I hope that you can share the aspects that are your story... yours and Russ's and E's... more of your day to day and your feelings and experience and reflections. That baby is lucky to have you guys for a home right now, despite the ups and downs.
I'm praying for all of you --and and living vicariously thru you until we get squared away here in TN and embark on our own journey.
Be encouraged Katie!

Anonymous said...

Love you Katie!
I'll be praying. Through Him you can do all things.
~Lisa C. South (-:

Sarah said...

the first one is quite hard, but it gets better (or at least you feel more confident). we got our first placement here in minnesota in march of 2008, a newborn baby girl (just 36 hours old)! now she is our firstborn, two and a half years old and took our last name this past january! she has a brother just eleven months younger than her, and is about to be joined by a sister (half through her birth mom) and another sibling in march - her birth mom and i are due two days apart!

since getting her we have had over twenty five kids in our house - what a busy few years! you will be blessed by this, but it is overwhelming OFTEN. keep up the good work...the kids need you!

Maggie said...

Fostering is so hard! So, so, hard.

The beauty in it is that it makes you so aware of your dependence on God. It doesn't let you forget that we can't do anything on our own! :) And it is risks, like the one you are taking right now, that allow God to be glorified in your life. Risks that could not come to fruition without His hand.

It is hard, but it will be worth it! Praying for you!

Anonymous said...

congrats! i'll be thinking of you guys in all this.

Katherine said...

Lots of prayers are coming to you from up here - I just wish I could meet Baby T! I know you don't want to share his story, but can you say how old he is?

I just wanted to say how amazing what you guys are doing truly is. I've seen what good the foster system can do for kids - I can't share the whole stories because they're not mine to tell, but I know of several families who have fostered/adopted kids from some really awful situations and through the love and support offered the kids are now absolutely thriving. Even if Baby T is not a permanent member of the amazing Mohr family, know that just by giving him the first taste of a safe and loving environment you are truly helping him. Miss you guys, hang in there, and best of luck!

Armstrong's said...

Love it... have goosebumps! I am tired for you just thinking of the transition into it all. I had moments of "what did we just sign up for!?" so cool that God is using YOU to provide for this child and to hopefully play a part of restoration in his life and his family's life!!

Jill Heupel said...

I am really enjoying your blog! We have been foster parents for 8 years and just adopted our first placement. We also adopted a sibling group from out-of-state foster care. Good luck with everything, and thanks for doing what you are doing for kiddos.