Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A little back story...

A common question in my head and one people actually ask lately is how did I get two absolutely beautiful boys?

Well, it's easy when you get to pick them, right? We always ask (demand) the agency for at least 20 referrals and then pick the cutest 5. Then we conduct a series of IQ and aptitude tests. After we get to the final two, we run them through an Enneagram predictor to see who would fit the best. It's simple, really.

Okay, maybe not. But have you seen them? Ah! They're gorgeous. And amazing! All tacky kidding aside, I thought it was time you heard about how Dez came to our family.

So, a little back story for ya.

Back in the spring the other adoption had fallen through and Eliot graduated pre-school.

I decided that since I wasn't really working much over the summer that Eliot and I would carpe some diem and have THE.BEST.SUMMMER.EVER. So, we started on Monday, June 6 off to the strawberry patch.

(It was a wee bit hot that day...)

On the way to the farm, I got a call from our social worker. She asked if it's a good time to chat and I told her I'd call her back since it was probably just about wrapping things up for putting our name on the list of waiting families. She paused and said, "Well, it's actually about a baby but I can call you back later..." and I could tell she was trying not to giggle into the phone. All the sudden I was more than willing to talk, the strawberries would still be there.

She said it wasn't official but there was a 3 week old baby boy who would most likely be up for adoption and she just needed to know if we'd be interested. She gave us as many details of his case as she had and told me to get back to her soon because if we weren't interested, she would contact another family. She also said she had pictures if we wanted them but I told her to hold off. I tend to get a bit ahead of myself once there's a face involved.

So, we started the talks. There was still a whole lotta risk involved with this case and I wasn't sure I could walk confidently into another unsteady place. About a week later, one of the risks was removed and we decided to meet this one month old peanut.

On Monday June 19th, we walked into the agency and were ushered into their cute little hospitality room. Minutes later a nurse handed a teeeeny, bundled peanut to me.

Even at a month old, he's not so sure about this Russell guy.

And this guy was pretty smitten!

For the next month we were able to visit Dez as often as we wanted until the court issued us a court order for custody a month later. So, that's the word, peeps. The prequel of the addition to the Mohrs.

We never did get our names on that list...


Tina said...

I love reading your adoption stories. I haven't announced on my blog yet, but we are considering adoption, too. I had a baby boy 14 months ago and suffered INCREDIBLE postpartum psychosis and depression. I don't know if I can have any more biological children because of the medication I am on. We are giving it to God and I really feel like he is placing adoption on our hearts. Thank you so much for sharing your story!

Amy said...

This post made me smile. What an amazing family you have - the couch is filling up. :) I saw our "work" at Kirkwood Park the other day and can't believe that was over 5 years ago. Wow. God is good.

.Kate. said...

Yay!! I love backstories!

We are still waiting. And waiting. And praying. And waiting. Patiently. Honest. ;-).