Monday, September 29, 2014

A Few Steps Til Ya Nail It (DIY Stair Facing)

^See what I did there? Kinda stole the joke from my friend A. Lester. She won't mind.

You guys! Look what I did! I had an idea and it actually worked! Not like the easter bunny rolls of '14…

Months ago a friend gave us a bag of burlap coffee bags (after Russ asked him if he could save us a few from his work)(Cuz he loves me) One day while we ran by the rehab I was standing near the front door looking at the messy stair case and it hit me. COFFEE BAGS ON THE STAIR FACINGS!

I consulted a few peeps (Shout out Sal, Selby, Amanda!) and got some solid advice. Putting it all together, here's what I did.

1. Hug your hubs for getting you coffee bags. Two hugs since some are from Guatemala!

2. Wash the bags. (Prepare yourself for the smell of wet burlap. It only competes with the smell of a finger that's been digging in a dirty belly button.)

3. Lay the bags out to dry and spray the ish out of them with Febreze.
4. Iron them.

5. Measure the stairs. (The rehab is over 100 years old so every stair was a different size. )

6. This is the expensive part. I bought a slab of super thin wood for $12 from Home Depot. The guys at HD cut if for me to start and then once Dez measured the rest, our contractors cut the remainder for me.

7. I picked the sections of each bag I liked, cut them with a 1/4inch extra around the edge and hot glued my fingers while once in awhile gluing the burlap to the wood. (Each section of wood was numbered according to which stair since they're all different.)

8. Set up the boards, moving a couple similar sized ones around to break up patterns, take a pic and text it to your friends! (also, we're using finishing nails to secure them.)

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Wynne Elder said...

seriously, SO IMPRESSIVE. love the coffee bags!