Monday, December 19, 2011


Back when we were these kids (trip to Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland) we didn't have kids.

We wanted them. Desperately.

A few times of year were harder than others. Mother's day, obviously. But Christmas was the worst. At least for me. Not needing another stocking would weigh heavily on me. It seemed non-stop-in-my-face that we didn't have kids.

I know, I know, I know the season is about Jesus. But I couldn't help struggle with depression until the season was over.

All that to say, if you have people in your life that you know are "waiting families", whether adoptive or trying for biological, please be sensitive to them in this season. That doesn't mean ignore them but rather, offer a quick email or text saying that you're thinking of them and that if they need anything you're available. You can't fix it but you can at least acknowledge it with them. Don't offer them the "God's timing" advice cuz I'm 99% sure they already know that.


Anonymous said...

Amen sister. Same goes for those who are single but want to be married. Offer a quick email or text, but don't talk about God's timing. We already know that.

.Kate. said...


Christmas was always hardest for me too. I think - for me at least - it was in large part because Christmas is a season and so much revolves around "family." Mother's Day of course was hard because it's about being a mother; but Christmas has so many opportunities to think about what you would be doing with/for your children. That to me is a bigger celebration of being a mother.

Amanda said...

Someone already beat me to the comment about singles wanting to be married. It can be very hard!! But I pray the the award will be so worth the wait!!

Wynne Elder said...

couldn't have said it better. thanks friend!
merry christmas!