Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Rite of passage

Apparently it's the "Mohr kid" thing to do at 7 months old.

Rota Virus.

Dez had 7 solid (or not-so-solid as it were) days of the biz nasty, friends, but I'm happy to say, we're in the clear.

This ridiculous pic:

was Eliot at 7 months with rota virus.

The response could not have been more different than my experience in Guatemala. When we figured out that Eliot and one other baby in the house had it, the B&B immediately moved all other families out of the house and into their other location. We were on serious lock down. I had only been an active mom to this kid for about 3 weeks, in a foreign country, by myself and now everyone was acting like he might die of a virus I'd never heard of. I was instructed by a nurse that he was to keep drinking every few hours so I was setting my alarm and making him wake up to drink. Only, he was too tired to drink so I would cry and cry, feeling like 2 ozs of Pedialite was the only thing between him and death and it was my responsibility to make that happen. She advised that with every rota diaper I needed to bathe him in very warm water, which is tricky when there's only hot water certain hours of the day. She advised me to be extremely careful with his diapers, making sure the entire changing area was sanitized every time, which was tricky with no electricity through out the night. I have never felt so overwhelmed in my life before or since.

So, as soon as I saw and smelled Dez's first Rota diaper, I knew what it was. I called the pediatrician and the nurse advised to just keep an eye on him for dehydration and make sure lots of hand washing was happening. She, of course, advised me that if things got worse, to bring him in but that was kinda it.

All that to say: I'm happy we're in the states this time around.

Also, Dez, head's up: El had chicken pox twice.

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.Kate. said...

Yikes! Glad he's feeling better - hope you're doing ok too!