Monday, December 26, 2011

THE gift.

That's what it said on the outside of the package in huge letters.

I've spent the last 2-3 months on this thing and I'm pretty freakin' excited about it. Had to do something awesome since Russ loved his gift from last year. Why do I set myself up like this? Next year he's getting wool socks. Ugly, itchy wool socks. With holes in the toes.

Got the idea from Pinterest (duh) which led me here.

The gift?

"2012 is for lovers. 12 dates in 12 months."

I guarantee we did not see 12 dates in the last year. Not okay but understandable. Whatevs. 2012 is steppin' it up. Boom. To ya motha, yo.

Russ only opened January and February so I can't divulge the secrets within each envelope yet but I'm hoping to blog after each date to 1. document this biz, 2. be a resource if you ever want to also steal this idea and use it.

I took a page outta The Bachelor book of operation and made each note hint at what we're doing. And because my husband pretends to not care about reality tv, he immediately said, "I feel like I just scored 12 one-on-one's. Which date involves a helicopter?"

It was a hit. I'll keep ya updated.


Adriane said...

I did this for my hubby too! He's super excited and so am I. We didn't see 12 dates last year either, this year has got to be better!! Here's to happy dates!!

amy said...

you are awesome. i wish you much more success than we had. AND I will steal some of your brilliant ideas!

merry christmas mohr family!

K.M.L said...

So funny! I did this for Mike too! :) Here's to a year full of dates!

Sara D. said...

Ooooooooh, it all looks so CUTE!! I got around to putting ONE date together, but told Mike that every month, on the 1st, I would have a date coordinated, that we would plan a day or evening for!!

Anonymous said...

I'm blogging about this today...also hoping to blog after each date to document 12 in '12! Matt loved it, too! Thanks for inspiring me to make it this year :)

sara luke said...

I love it . . . especially the "one-on-ones" comment. So funny.

kinsey said...

Love this! ESP his response :)