Friday, January 4, 2008

And it was truly magical...

The Magic House experienced on a school field trip as the teacher is quite a bit different from taking my crazy little man. He had a GREAT time there and it may have to be a regular stop for us in the future. Lisa and Charlotte invited us to go and Charlotte was a great hostess, showing Eliot where to go and what to do. Enjoy the pics!

Does he not look like a little bachelor picking out his groceries with his collar popped and messy khakis? He kills me.

This makes me laugh! They have a kids news TV studio. Eliot and Charlie sat on the stools and giggled as they threw the papers on the floor. They liked seeing themselves on TV, though! So cute!


Anonymous said...

Sadness! I can't see these pictures, which I'm sure are adorable! Is it just my computer? --Katie Schaefer

Nikki....Gabi's Mama said...

He kills me too! How grown up does he look?? He won't be a bachelor long Gabi's coming to claim her man :o) Look's like a fun place.