Thursday, January 3, 2008

Shameless Promoting 2

If you were one of those who made a NYR to take better care of your health, you may be interested in my shameless promotion! I started sending out a newletter of sorts to let my clients know what the Arbonne specials are for the month. Here's January's deals:

Specials from Arbonne:
*In January, save 20% on the Go Easy! Protein Shake, available for only $21.20, regularly $26.50, while supplies last. Flavors available: Chocolate, Vanilla, and Chai Latte. (That means if you have the 35% discount, it's only $11.93!)

*Qualify to purchase the Figure 8 Daily Detox Tea, regularly $14, for only $6 with every $75 order increment in January.

Specials from me!

* To help you with any New Year's Resolutions you may have made formally or just mentally, I'm offering BUY ONE/GET ONE FREE on any Figure 8, Bio-Nutria, or Nutritional Hybrid products.

Thanks everyone! Email me if you want to place an order! (


Bob Hansel said...

So can I promote that the motor on my treadmill gave out tonight and to replace it costs $150, so if anyone wants to contribute to that fund, I would greatly appreciate it, as I use it everyday! Anyway, thought I would put this on your blog since way more people read yours than mine :) I'm all for shameless promoting!

Anonymous said...

my favorite arbonne story: last spring my 2 year old had rotavirus twice in one month... that means I only had THREE days between bouts of the worst illness you could ever imagine. As I blogged about my cracked and bleeding hands from washing and cleaning with so much bleach, my best friend Jessica (who lives in Honduras), emailed her mom and asked her to drop off the very best hand lotion. So her mom brought over Arbonne Hand Lotion and it literally saved my life that month. No more bleeding hands and the gesture caught me so off guard it lifted my very depressed spirits. I love Arbonne lotion! :)

AND, I think you should be posting about your two businesses on a daily/weekly/monthly basis... a blog is a GREAT way to build your business and you should never feel bad about that!