Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Two Eliot Mohr's?

How I wish this meant that Eliot had a twin that we've been rotating in and out to surprise you all one day but that's not quite it. For those who like to blog-hop, there's a new link I added a few weeks ago listed as "The other Elliot Moore". A family from TN is currently in Guatemala on a pick-up trip for their son, Elliot and their last name is Moore! How fun! It just plain delights me!

I've been keeping up with their blog over the last several weeks and been surprised how much it pulls on my heart strings to read their posts. To read sentences about bringing Elliot home from Guate and getting to hold him again after so long, oh brother, it just about kills me.

So, congrats to my cyber-blogland friends, as you reunite with your little chocolate chip today and begin another chapter. Hopefully our Eliots will be friends in real life one day!

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Chris and Lindsey Wheeler said...

Can Eliana please be friends with Eliot and Elliot??!!! Her name is kind of like the girl version!