Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Goal update

* I'm up to 425 pts toward our Cancun trip! I only need 3500 pts for us both to go for free. Yikes. It's a start?

*While working on my book a few months ago, a friend forwarded me some emails that I'd written to her while in Guate. Those have helped immensely in jogging my memory. If you have an archived inbox and we emailed back and forth during that time, could you forward me those you still have? I'm making progress!

*And I'll leave you with more pics from a year ago
Speaking of goals, we found a restaurant called MonoLoco in Antigua that had multiple TV's showing all the New Year's Day football games! We spent the day there (yep, the whole day!) with Bridgette, Tom, and Adam and Shelly, Paul and Ana. It felt a little like we were at home!

Eliot supporting the Rams!

Eliot's first picture of him sitting up by himself! Russ was there to see it!

Also last January, we hiked up to the cross on the mountain over looking Antigua. It was beautiful but the hike kinda kicked our butts! Possibly the result of too many MonoLoco Nachos!


Blessed Mommy said...

and yay for russ climbing all the way up cerro de la cruz WITH El!!!

The M. Herndon Family said...

So, I tried finding where I could e-mail you, but couldn't find an e-mail address...I happened upon your blogsite after linking to it from another blog (The Wheelers) which I had linked from a group blog that I am on called FALLing for adoption...families who started the Guatemalan adoption process later in 2007.
Anyway...my point is...we also live in St. Louis! Would love to stay in touch with you. You can e-mail me at micheleherndon@sbcglobal.net