Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Buckling up.

As I see it, there's 3 areas we need to hit in order to be prepared.

1. Legally
2. Financially
3. Domestically

1. Legally: We haven't done this before. Obvs. To be honest, when I first talked to a lawyer, I got super overwhelmed. Which is funny to me considering we've conquered a dossier (not pronounced dozzier, just an fyi. Not that I did that for a good 6 months or anything.) for Guatemala using specific ink, watching every single letter typed onto every document. I guess just because it's new. and unfamiliar. The good news is, there's people who know how to do this. That's where the next area comes from:

2. Financially: Egads. Lawyers, paperwork, traveling expenses, etc. This part gets sticky for us. We hate asking for money and all that goes with it, however we're not working w/ a lot of time to be able to build up the savings or anything. Not complaining, trust me, just getting my mind around what needs to be done.

We're brainstorming fundraisers but trying to be mindful of A) not spreading ourselves too thin given there's more going on in life, B) We don't want to keep offering the same people/groups of people ways to support us. "Hey, thanks for coming to trivia night! Now do you want to buy a t-shirt and order coffee and ___ and ___, mkay, thanks." We don't want to add ourselves to your monthly budget. The front runner on the list? Getting people to sponsor me on how many bowls of ice cream I can eat in a month. That and a 'high-five' booth for Eliot. Oh...I kid, I kid.

3. Domestically: This is the fun part. Baby stuff! Yip yip! We need to get the room ready. In order to do that, we need to organize some stuff. The room is still full of 18mos+ stuff from the T-rex season. Another thing we need to consider is not just newborn clothes, but Eliot didn't start wearing winter gear until 18 mos+. I'm not super worried about it, I doubt he'll go naked. And I *might* be praying someone was just packing up their Dr. Brown's, hoping to give them to another family. What? It's possible.
****Edited to add: I already got 3 offers for Dr. Browns! Yes! People are great.

I'm still trying to wrap my mind around this, sorry this got so wordy. It's becoming more real each day. There's a whole lot that needs to happen in 80 days or less. No pressure...



.Kate. said...

Make a file (computer, paper, whatever) and keep track of every single penny you spend toward the facilitation of the adoption (okay, not the baby clothes, but you know. expenses.) You can claim them on your taxes next year and get them back as a refundable credit up to 13,170 (or whatever next year's amount is). Just sayin...

Blessed Mommy said...

i hear ya on the paperwk! you'd think compared to PGN, it'd seem like peanuts.. but still..... :) SO excited for you guys!

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie, I work with your SIL, Amanda, at the bank and just happen to have packed up our Dr. Brown's...They are yours if you want them?

Katherine said...

I can't even tell you how happy I am for you guys! But I also sympathize a bit with how it feels that, once your dream starts to come true, you go "Oh gosh, now I actually have to plan for this...". I did the same thing upon getting the job here. Seriously, if you need reasonably priced and freakin ADORABLY baby stuff, check out Mom's store Looking Glass Designs (it's next to Park Ave. Coffee). She's got a whole baby section, including a line she makes. Adorable stuff. Drop my name, she typically gives my friends even better deals (though I can't promise anything). Let me know if I can help up here and be sure to post pictures as it happen!!!

Julie said...


I have a 2 year old girl and a 7 week old boy. I read your blog through Nicole Diehl and wondered what other things you may need. At the time you are "getting" your little one (not sure the appropriate way of saying that is) I will be done using a lot of our infant things. Like a baby swing, bouncer, clothes, bumbo seat, other things. If you are in need of things let me know. We are looking for a good home for them to go to:)