Saturday, February 19, 2011


Things are *kind of* moving along on the adoption. Slowly, sort of. (I'm a master of the English language, I know.)

We found a lawyer and an agency we love. (yes, we need them, two sets of them actually. Who knew?!) Now we need to find the same for another state. I'm realizing even "easy" adoptions are a lot of work. Pretty sure there isn't really such a thing, actually.

We're still all over the place on estimated costs. Each day it seems to change. It has already cost us some and I feel like it'll be either way cheaper than we thought or way more expensive. And, as in all adoptions, there's no guarantee it'll actually happen. We're on board as is the birth mom. But we're becoming aware of some other potential hiccups. And there's no way to determine the outcome of those hiccups without proceeding full force ahead.

It's a risk. It's handing our hearts, time, future and money to strangers we may never meet. There's no time for it to be otherwise. We're down to about 2 months. (No pressure.)

Thanks for praying, continue to do so. Thanks for your offers to help, our fundraisers are slowly coming together. Thanks for your offers for baby stuff. I'm still taking inventory on what we have and what we need so will be getting back to all those generous offers soon. Thanks for being patient!


Jamie said...

Praying for you.

Chrissy said...

Wait. There is such a thing as an "easy" adoption? Man...I missed it!

Keep pressing on, friend! Praying for smooth sailing.