Monday, February 14, 2011


Kinda funny I'm posting about this on Valentines Day. Not because there's not posts worth of good stuff about the Mister but this is focused more on loving me, specifically future me.

Over the last year (at least) (maybe 3 years?) I've not been taking care of myself. Eating, sleeping, exercise...all self-sabotage-like habits.

In the fall there was a groupon for a local running store. I combined that with some Christmas money and invested in an old habit. The sales guy actually kinda laughed as he held my old shoe like an antique saying, "This is version 5! The new ones are already up to version 11." chump.

(For those that are curious, they're Brooks Since I'm a card-carrying member of the pronating club, these are my besties.)

Also, little known fact: I quit drinking soda a few months ago. I don't even remember when because it wasn't a big decision. It wasn't a resolution, a dare, a goal or anything. I just quit drinking it. I started hating the way it made me feel.

I had already made the decision to treat myself healthier (is that a thing?) with a more consistent working out schedule when this adoption fell into our path. Knowing how much energy is needed w/ a newborn-then-toddler and changing from an independent 5 year old to a newborn, I knew it was time. No soda + newborn = time to get serious.

I need the energy that comes from taking care of myself. I have a lot to do in the next 2 months and I'm not sure I can do it all without adding this one more thing.

I'm tired of taking a shower just because it's the next day, not because I'm sweaty from a good workout.

I'm sick of being tired because I'm not taking care of myself instead of being tired because I pushed my run further and faster.

I'm tired of wincing when I put my jeans on, hoping they still fit.

So, it's happened. Again, not because it's almost shorts season, not because of a New Years resolution, whathaveyou. Just because it's time.


kate said...

Um, I wear brooks running shoes too. Sold on them forever. Yet, another thing that we would have been able to talk about if we were still across the hall from each other. AND with that, I miss you. A lot.

Erin said...

"just because it's time."

Thanks for that reminder, Katie. Running is SO not my thing - I hate it! But riding my bike IS my thing. So much so that we set the bike up in the office so we could ride all winter.

And we haven't. We "never have time."

Whatever. It's time. Time to do this for me, for Ella. For our future.