Friday, February 25, 2011

Bumpin' the fund raising...

My Friday Fun for you is merging my love for Bump-It sightings with our fund raising efforts.

The only way to start the weekend.

You're welcome.

2 great things I love love love about my blog community is your support of our family and your equal support of Bump-It findings.

1. I got an email from my cyber friend Emily. (first of all, go to her blog and see her new little man, he's C.U.T.E.) Even better than the pic is the email that came with it.

"A little over a week ago a woman with one of the best "bump its" I have ever seen appeared on my tv screen. I have never seen anything like it.
I immediately thought of you. So I started taking a picture of the tv screen. My husband was totally confused. It didn't help when I told him I had to send this photo to a woman I have never met. :)"

2. Fund raising: Yesterday I spent all day holding tears back at work as Jodie texted me with how many mini-sessions were filling up. Today I cried pretty much the entire way to work. I can NOT believe the response from you guys over the last 48 hours on our first fund raiser. God is so good and we are crazy blessed by all of you. Thank you thank you thank you and thank you!

3. The youngest Bump-it on record:

That sweet baby girl, N, could teach us all a little something...

4. Fund raiser #2: At this very moment Russ is in the studio recording another worship album. To make the up-front investment smaller on our parts, we will only be selling it for download, we're not producing any actual CDs. I will let you know the minute that project is finished and ready for download.

I'm going into this weekend so absolutely blessed, you have no idea. Thank you for everything!


The Busters said...

Yay!!! :) so glad you liked the photo AND so glad your fundraising is off to a good start!!

Laura Gudde said...

I saw her too on Wheel of Fortune!! I immediately thought of you! ;) So glad the first fundraiser is going great! I'm so excited for you guys!

The Busters said...

Hey Katie! I just had a thought. I remember entering a contest for a free blog header that your husband would design. Sadly, I did not win. :( BUT I have had an itch to spruce up my blog for a while and I was wondering if he still did stuff like that. I would love to support your adoption in some way even though I am not local. Any chance he still does that? Maybe that is already on your radar screen for fundraising ideas. But if still does that then I am interested in becoming a customer. :)