Wednesday, February 23, 2011

FUNdraiser Announcement!

**Edited to add: If you're new here coming over from Fresh Art Photography, welcome! The first thing you should know is that those pictures Jodie keeps posting of me were test shots for lighting for someone else's shoot. It was cold and I was moving to fight hypothermia. Don't judge. Also, if you're looking for our story on this adoption, click here.

I'm so tired I've looked at the word "announcement" 12 times like I've never seen it before.

Why am I so tired? I've spent all evening making props-ish type things for our FIRST FUNDRAISER for Baby Mohr #2!

Saturday, March 26th we're partnering with Fresh Art Photography (you may have heard of them on here before? maybe? Have I mentioned them?) to host a day of mini-sessions. All the deets are over on their blog and Jodie spent 9 years writing the post, so I'll send you there to read how to get involved. =) Click here for the all the deets.

Also, the fun part? I get to style them all. My mind has been racing like Lightening McQueen, people. Ooh, I have plans...

And to be honest, I can't believe they're doing this. I know I'm working for it, too, but their generosity overwhelms me and I can't thank them enough. They're good peeps and I'm blessed to know (and work with!) them!

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treck said...

Hi Katie! You don't know me but I've worked with Fresh Art on four shoots for my kids, so I think I fall in right behind you as being featured a bunch by them. I love the fact that they are helping you raise money for your adoption. We adopted our first child, Nathan and it was a lot of work, a lot of stress and ALOT of money, so it is great seeing these great gals come together to help you out. I'm not sure where you are in the process and I know you've done it internationally before, but if you need any suggestions for people to contact or just want to chat with someone who's been through it all, I'm available. Feel free to contact me at any time with any questions or concerns. Again congrats on such a great gift.